We offer many service’s including but not limited to the services below.

Interior floor installations: Demo-removal & disposal of existing flooring
A professional smooth floor covering all holes, cracks & imperfections in a grey hue and high gloss finish, an equal mixture of grey with white hues and more of a whitish hue and a choice if Matte, Satin or Gloss sealer finishes.

Industrial Look Floors: With a simple grinding clean & seal showing all cracks, holes & imperfections if desired.

Concrete polishing: in a 400grit,800grit and 1500grit finish with color densifiers available.

Pool Decks: refurbishing of old or installation of all new texture coatings, stain or
stamping patterns. We specialize in knockdown-kool deck overlays for residential and commercial pool, decks. Granite Grip texture coating, Stamped patterns, Color Stain,
Skip Trowel finish or Lace-Knockdown texture, solid stain & sealer.

Epoxy pool painting: inside of pools (white) for a brand new plaster look for a fraction of the cost of new plaster. This is especially good for house flippers & clients selling their houses who want the pool to look its best but are on a limited budget.

Driveway’s: Texture coating overlays-staining-stamping or even pavers.

Garage Floors: Granitex color chip epoxy floors, semi transparent staining- solid epoxy, or Granite Grip coatings.

Patio’s: Texture coating overlays, color staining & stamped patterns.

Simulated Flagstone Overlays: with a 4 color stain & 2 part Poly sealer for a stunning Driveway-Patio or Courtyard.

Pouring of New Concrete: on Patio’s-Walkways-Sidewalks – & Driveways.

In short, if it involves making your concrete look beautiful, we can do it!
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Check out the images of all of these treatments below.

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What is Decorative Concrete?

If you need a new flooring option and are looking for something that can get you excited again, consider hiring us for your Decorate Concrete needs . Here are just a few reasons why :

You may think that your options are only tile, carpeting or wood floors for your interior flooring and be surprised to hear that there are other options available to you for making your floors beautiful. Some options include a concrete smooth floor, polished floor or a micro topping with a colored stain applied & top coat sealer in a Matte, Satin or Gloss finish. It will be Stunning!

If you have been looking for something but every time you find something that you like or want, you are told that it has to be special ordered and that it will take several weeks to arrive. You will never have to worry about this when you contact Desert Decocrete.

We have all that we need to get started right away on your decorative concrete. You will be able to decide which flooring option appeals to you the day you receive a visit from our highly experienced estimator. He can show you exactly what your many options are. You’ll be able to choose from some of our most popular processes, and then we get you a quick estimate for a quick turnaround.

In addition, we can make your exterior hardscape such as your Driveway, Walkway Patio or Pool Decking just as beautiful with many more options available, such as a Granite Grip texture coating, a Lace knockdown texture, a Skip Trowel texture installed by hand old world craftsmen style, or just a simple stain and seal. We can simulate brick, pavers or Flagstone with our 1/4 inch stamped concrete overlay system. We also specialize in 2 part Epoxy color chip Granitex garage floor coating.

You may have noticed this type of flooring in malls, salons, stores, and restaurants but you may not realize that you can have this same type of flooring installed in your homes as well. We are here to tell you that you can and we are just the ones to provide it for you.

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